What is fashion? Magazine is an online magazine which emerges from the idea of combining the best of a personal blog and a fashion magazine, integrating several passions: trends, copywriting, photography and design.

The magazine provides articles about fashion, trends and editorial content, but also a creative studio armed with a variety of creative services where the messages dissemination are settled in a professional basis.

Believing in quality and value, working with responsability and transparency spreading content and true communicating with brands of any kind. We work worldwide, from local to global reaching every corner of the world, giving life and voice to your projects and ideas: providing branding, copywriting, design, social media and photography (click here to find out more about our services)

''With a background in Advertising and Communication studies and several knowledge adquired in many areas of Marketing, Social Media and Design, 
I decide to combine passion and profession and take it to the next level creating a multitasking space''.


María Mancha
Founder and Creative Director.